About Sandy Roth

Dentists have been relying on Sandy to help them create behaviorally-sophisticated practices for over 35 years.

Sandy inspires dentists to think differently. She challenges archaic ideas and quick fix solutions and helps dentists become as skilled behaviorally as they are clinically to achieve the fulfillment and success of which others merely dream. Sandy helps dentists and their team members learn how to become more effective with patients through facilitation and strong communication skills. With her support, dentists can create highly-functioning and successful practices based on an understanding and application of these communication and behavioral skills. Her focus covers every non-clinical area of the practice – leadership, hiring, team development, patient relations and internal and external communications. You can be certain that you will discover ideas and perspectives of profound impact that can change the quality of your practice and your life.

Sandy Roth is a skilled communicator who, with her husband, Doug, founded ProSynergy in 1987. Sandy’s educational background includes a BA in Psychology and completion of all  Ph.D. coursework in Systems Psychology.

The development of Sandy’s skills began on the streets of Philadelphia, where she served as a police officer while Doug attended Temple University Dental School. Those skills were challenged in graduate school and sharpened during her years in the political cauldron of Washington, DC. Doug’s dental practice offered the next setting for her learning when she joined him in 1981. They achieved a high level of mastery in leadership, team building and organizational development in their practice, which continued as they started a practice from scratch in Brooksville, Florida, in 2007. While Doug has now retired and the practice is now in other hands, Sandy remains available for select consultations with accomplished dentist and their practices.