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ProSynergy in its Latest Form

Welcome to my newly-updated web site. In the future, you can keep track of my travels and work either through reports I will post here or by calling me directly. I am available to work with individual practices and study clubs and would be happy to talk about these options. As an alternative or adjunct, the materials I have produced over the years are still available, now in electronic form.

You tech-savvy folks know, streaming and download is the way to go. On our SHOP page, you will find twelve recorded workshops, three books and one compilation of newsletter articles for download, all at about 80% off their original printed or physically reproduced prices.

Just last week, I spent a full day with five engaged practices in Seattle and I will be returning in February for our second event. At the invitation of my dear friend, Dr. Betsy Bakeman, I then went to the AACD headquarters in Madison, WI, where I spent two days in the video studio recording a series of on-line educational materials. AACD members will be able to access these soon.

I hope you enjoy the new look of my web site and will take advantage of the materials we are still offering. I am told they are timeless and I agree.

Sandy Roth