Communication Mastery Series for Team Members


12 hours of recorded wisdom and written material to match!



This program was created exclusively for team members who want to become outstanding communicators in their professional and personal life. The concepts translate well to your relationships with co-workers, patients, your spouse, parents, children and friends outside the work environment. It requires very little time outside of the practice and is rich with conceptual and practical learning students can put to use every day. There are twelve modules to the program, each of which focuses on a single important skill.

We recommend you pace your learning at one module per month and each contains:

  •  Skills assessment surveys to record your progress
  •  A recorded coaching session with Sandy Roth and MaryBeth Head
  • Written learning materials

Each participant can grow, gain confidence, and become masterful in their ability to communicate with patients, team members, and anyone else in their life!

  • Module 1:  Clarification to Gain Understanding
  • Module 2:  Eliminating Jargon
  • Module 3:  Who Owns the Problem?
  • Module 4:  From Chit-Chat to Focused Conversation
  • Module 5:  Open-ended Questions
  • Module 6:  Asking Questions Without Prompting Answers
  • Module 7:  Name It and Slay It
  • Module 8:  “Why” is More Important than “What”
  • Module 9:  100 Ways to Ask “Why” Without Using the Word
  • Module 10:  Choosing Round Words
  • Module 11:  Checking Out Assumptions
  • Module 12:  Telling the Truth with Grace


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