Facilitators’ Conference


Includes 22 hours of recorded material plus over 50 essays.



This exhilarating, renewing, networking, and learning event was recorded for posterity. It was the kick-off for a two-year collaboration among participants. Some of the pioneers in dental practice facilitation gathered together and the synergy was astounding. Then, they stayed in touch over the following two years considering case studies in bi-monthly teleconferences which were also recorded. Those recordings are also included in this package. That brings the total of recorded material to about 22 hours as MP3 files. That plus more than fifty (50) germane essays in PDF format.

Those listening to these sessions can discover new and powerful ways to promote healthy choices, support patients, and greatly expand the patient’s view of the possibilities dentistry offers. Each participant will have the opportunity to expand skills, exchange ideas, develop new relationships, and feel renewed and ready to make a difference!

You will experience and learn:

  • how to work more effectively with new patients
  • how to retain patients through better understanding of their expectations
  • how to reactivate patients by reconnecting to their goals and experiences
  • how to learn patient’s expectations
  • to strengthen question-asking and listening skills
  • what facilitators do and how they prioritize their time and energy
  • the facilitator’s role and a plan for implementation

The tuition at the time was US$895 per person, so this is truly a bargain.

A facilitator spends her (or his) day focusing not on paper or instruments or the schedule or charts or documents or insurance but rather on the patients who are coming to, are present in, or have been in the practice for care. The facilitator is always asking important questions that ensure that patients are really heard, understood, related to, and responded to. The facilitator is responsible for creating a safe environment in the practice so that patients will tell you the truth rather than withhold important information or feel forced into dishonesty. While the facilitator may have a private office and a desk, she (or he) doesn’t have a chair affixed to the floor – that is, she roams around listening, checking in, observing, reviewing, and strategizing.

The facilitator is an essential role in modern day dentistry, and in this program we’ll talk more about this role and what it could mean for your practice.


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