Hiring High Achievers


A 40-minute recorded presentation in MP3 format



You can’t do it alone. The days of the truly solo dentist – who answers the phone, takes the x-rays, makes every chart entry and balances the books – are definitely relics of the past. Dentists these days operate complex practices which require diverse skill sets, but with a common purpose.

What skill sets do you personally possess? Which ones does the group possess? How will you discover and attract people with abilities you might be lacking? Hint: it’s not the wording of a help-wanted ad. Double hint: it’s often not teachable skills like making a temporary crown.

In patient-contact positions you want people who can create and maintain strong relationships. This means hiring people who are very attentive to patients’ needs and those who don’t need a script to navigate through a conversation about treatment steps, financial arrangements, etc. Chances are, you can’t even teach a person these attributes. You must be able to identify them.

This recorded 40-minute presentation presents an overview within the vast subject of hiring people who are clinically and behaviorally competent.

Our goal is:

  • to help our clients define, attract, contract, train and integrate highly competent employees
  • to provide a structured process and supportive resources to ensure that this happens in the most efficient and effective way
  • to help clients master these skills on their own, so they will develop the ability to do so in the future, without our help


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