Introduction to Relationship-based Dentistry


A 12-hour downloadable audio program



Recorded LIVE!, this program features an, interactive 2-day learning event condensed into an online version. Sandy Roth covers the fundamental concepts and initial learning necessary to launch your practice into a behaviorally sophisticated one. Suitable for the dentist and entire team you, will be given an opportunity to re-think your practice model and consider how to create an environment where patients feel understood, respected, and safe enough to openly discuss their concerns.

Learn effective communication skills and begin to clear away internal issues that impede the progress of becoming a truly relationship-based practice.

Dentists will be challenged to develop a clearly-defined purpose which establishes a more successful way of serving the team and the patients.

You will gain a renewed sense of commitment and begin to create a concrete set of goals for the practice. The result will be more connected patients choosing better dentistry sooner as well as an improved atmosphere for the entire team.


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