Redefining UCR:


This 12-hour program is designed for team members who have client contact. (MP3 format)



Whether you accept third party assignment or not, you and your practice are greatly affected by dental insurance and all of its ramifications. Your ability to rethink insurance in your own mind –as well as change how your team and patients think – is an important key to thriving in the years ahead.

The power has been in the hands of the insurance carriers, and they have called the shots. Prevailing attitudes and governing policies about dental insurance have been fashioned by these powerful companies — and dentists and consumers have suffered the consequences. You can re-cast insurance in the minds of your patients.

You have to do your homework if you are going to weather the storm in these times of changing expectations about health care.

This program will help you restructure your insurance approach and help your patients become activist consumers. You can put an end to the hassle and aggravation without making your patients suffer.

If you’re ready to take some action — to shift the burden of insurance and reimbursement to the rightful parties — this program is for you.

You will learn:

  • Why dental insurance isn’t insurance at all— and the implications of that for you and your patients.
  • To get clear about the role you want insurance to play in your practice.
  • To discover what state or provincial regulations require – or don’t – of your patient’s insurance carriers.
  • To understand how dentistry itself has contributed to the insurance monster – and what you can do about it.
  • To discover how to build a practice not dependent on direct insurance involvement.


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